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"This wasn’t my wish"

The sketches training continue as I need to train a lot (I’m so rusty) ; - ; and be used to the characters : ) 

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I’m actually busy working on a very exciting project! I can’t tell you all the details but there are the two major characters sketches : ) !

Daniel and Rowan for that stupid nerd 

Turku’s journey ended this morning…I see every person I bonded with leaving this dorm each one by each one… ; — ; Some of them already left yesterday, it was terrible. And I’m the last person leaving this place.
This night I will start the second part of my journey, and I will be in a train heading to the North, in the Kainuu.

I have a lot to say about this journey…in a future post.

Tomorrow : departure to Helsinki -! 

tea-eyes replied to your post “Heiyo  !! …I just realised I actually…didn’t have the time to make a…”

Aaaah! That sounds so awesome!! What kind of summer course are you taking?

Well, it’s a 3 weeks course where we mostly study at the morning and have some activities on some days. We also have exams. We live together at a dorm : ) It’s really wonderful

Heiyo  !!

…I just realised I actually…didn’t have the time to make a decent post about where I am actually and why I’m absolutely not active on tumblr : )
So…I am in Finland for one mounth, as I applied for the summer course : D !! (lot of screaming).  
((So if per chance one of my followers is living at Turku, do not hesitate to say hi , ahah : ) because it’s where I will be for 2 weeks))
(I actually fell in love with that city)

So I mostly post on my twitter : )

and I will do some blog with complete posts with a lot of silly things if you want… (warning: silliness)

And here’s a picture where I’m living for 3 weeks <3


sakuya123 asked: hey, long time no talk and see~ how's your art projects going ^^? Hi there! Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, and then send it to ten of your favorite followers ☺️❤️

Hello there ! : )
Well, it’s doing well, thank you ! I hope it will be better in the future !
I won’t send this, cause I fear to bother anyone but well… okay five unnecessary things about myself, here we go ! : 

- All my external hard drives have beer names
- I like the scent of burning wood the most
- My pseudonym comes from a color name : )
- People give me 17 years old or 25 depending on my level of tiredness, this is a true mystery.
- I collect snail’s shells

Important people #1
And some portrait training : )

So, I’m back from Japan Expo !! (Prepare for a personal post , for once -!!)

And I must say, it was a long time since I enjoyed to go in a convention : ), (and not be a staff anymore o/) especially because I passed five days with my bestie Fanou behind a little shop and it was tiring but fun !

Also I had time to visit a bit and chat with people : D for once !

So not big sum up of all the things because it was mostly helping the shop but I want to highlight some persons that made my days !

Read more for some little adventures, and the items I got on the long way !

Read More


I decided after…long time to open commissions,  a special page on the blog with this post will be created as well : ).

A1/ Portrait lineart : 5$ / 3,50€
A2/ Mildbody lineart : 10$ / 7€
A3/ Full body lineart : 15$ / 11

B1/ Portrait + colors : 6$ / 4,50€
B2/ Mildbody + colors : 25$ /18€
B3/ Fullbody + colors : 30$ / 22

C1/ Fullbody lineless colors (simple design) : 20$ / 14€
C2/ Two characters, simple pose  : 20$(lineart) /14  25$(color) /18
C3/ Two characters, more complex : 40$ (lineart)/30 45$(color)/33

D1/ One/Several characters with background /lineart/color

30$ - 60$ Depending / 22€ - 45

Character sheets :
3 poses minimum / 3 faces minimum. Price rise with additional poses.

A / full body
Line less art / complex characters : 70$/ 50€ (+ if complexity)
With lines / simple characters : 50$ / 35

B/ faces and expressions
Line less art / complex characters : 30$ / 22€ (+ if complexity)
With lines / simple characters : 20$ / 22

Rules / Questions

- I don’t draw porn/nsfw
- I don’t draw animals
- I will start your commission when I had received your payment
- Paypal only : )
- Prices are in dollars but you can pay with any currency, I will give you the price so : ).
- I will send you a sketch during the process : )
- Don’t forget to send me a detailed description if it’s one of your Ocs.
-I keep the right to post this on my personal portfolio . When I say personal it’s something nobody has access except professional stuff. Because it’s my job, after all : ).
-If you don’t want your art to be posted on my tumblr, you just have to say it, there’s no problem.

-Any OC will be posted with a link of your blog and your name.-Private use only. (If you have a bigger project…we can discuss.)-I you saw something on my blog you want and there’s no mention here, just feel free to ask we can discuss about it :)

- Je prends également les commandes en français : D !

Contact me by MP or on my mail :
I will send you a MP back, if I don’t, that means the message got lost in the depths of tumblr (it sometimes could happens), and so do not hesitate to send a new one!

- You can also contact me for any question !

Please read the FAQ here !

A big thank you for all the persons who would share this ; – ;

because you’re actually contributing in the hardness of an illustrator’s life and it’s appreciated.

Hi !
Just to tell you that I made a new blog with only #INSPIRATION stuff in : ) so if you’re interested to have different stuff I like/inspires me on your dash, do not hesitate to come here ’  u  ’ 


Character design tests : )