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I decided after…long time to open commissions,  a special page on the blog with this post will be created as well : ).

A1/ Portrait lineart : 5$ / 3,50€
A2/ Mildbody lineart : 10$ / 7€
A3/ Full body lineart : 15$ / 11

B1/ Portrait + colors : 6$ / 4,50€
B2/ Mildbody + colors : 25$ /18€
B3/ Fullbody + colors : 30$ / 22

C1/ Fullbody lineless colors (simple design) : 20$ / 14€
C2/ Two characters, simple pose  : 20$(lineart) /14  25$(color) /18
C3/ Two characters, more complex : 40$ (lineart)/30 45$(color)/33

D1/ One/Several characters with background /lineart/color

30$ - 60$ Depending / 22€ - 45

Character sheets :
3 poses minimum / 3 faces minimum. Price rise with additional poses.

A / full body
Line less art / complex characters : 70$/ 50€ (+ if complexity)
With lines / simple characters : 50$ / 35

B/ faces and expressions
Line less art / complex characters : 30$ / 22€ (+ if complexity)
With lines / simple characters : 20$ / 22

Rules / Questions

- I don’t draw porn/nsfw
- I don’t draw animals
- I will start your commission when I had received your payment
- Paypal only : )
- Prices are in dollars but you can pay with any currency, I will give you the price so : ).
- I will send you a sketch during the process : )
- Don’t forget to send me a detailed description if it’s one of your Ocs.
-I keep the right to post this on my personal portfolio . When I say personal it’s something nobody has access except professional stuff. Because it’s my job, after all : ).
-If you don’t want your art to be posted on my tumblr, you just have to say it, there’s no problem.

-Any OC will be posted with a link of your blog and your name.-Private use only. (If you have a bigger project…we can discuss.)-I you saw something on my blog you want and there’s no mention here, just feel free to ask we can discuss about it :)

- Je prends également les commandes en français : D !

Contact me by MP or on my mail :
I will send you a MP back, if I don’t, that means the message got lost in the depths of tumblr (it sometimes could happens), and so do not hesitate to send a new one!

- You can also contact me for any question !

Please read the FAQ here !

A big thank you for all the persons who would share this ; – ;

because you’re actually contributing in the hardness of an illustrator’s life and it’s appreciated.

Thinking about life while doodling 

Silent victory

Demon magician

#demon AU #jo #present

A demon prince : 3

Girl from steppes 

I told you that I will try to add more things on this blog for now, including (very) rough sketches, so here’s some !


Okay so

While Finnish politicians are raising their own salary by over 8%, guess where they’re going to cut the money from?

Schools. To be specific, from the students that need extra help - such as Autists, children with learning disabilities, and kids with dyslexia. How? By lessening the numbers of school assistants while making class sizes bigger.

For those who don’t understand, this would mean that a student who, say, needs their own assistant to work with them for the whole day, won’t be able to get that because they’re cutting down on assistants. Now, have you seen a child with Autism that’s more on the “low functioning” side? Kids like that usually get taught tasks like shopping and shoelace tying because of differences in their learning, as well as stress managing and handling stimuli. Now, if you put several students with higher need for assistance into a group with a single teacher who must rotate their attention, you will end up with stressed-out, even violent kids, who don’t learn anything.

Finland’s well-known for having a good educational system. Now it’s facing “budget cuts” while politicians have their salary raised. Even if cutting funds is good temporarily, doing such a thing would result in much more cost in about two to five years.

So, what can you do? Besides spreading the message, there is a petition to sign [in Finnish, please use a translator if needed]:

It doesn’t require any registration, all you need to do is fill those boxes [scroll down a bit and you should see them].


50 000 signatures are required so that the petition can be handed off to the government.

Sorry for interrupting! This’d be really important. Please sign and signal boost?

If you’re able to read Finnish or use a translator and you want to know more, there’s a news article about it as well:

waffletea asked: I'm so happy for you! Ms. Illustrator, don't forget that on your adventure, that you are amazing and you can do anything! I believe in you. Fight, fight, fight! ( :

adnzjn, don’t call me Ms. it’s very embarrassing, aah *hides under a carpet* 

Thank you very much, this is adorable ; - ; !! I will try my best !! 

Good to hear you’re doing well!~ You should join me and Fanou in Hangout+ again some time!

All was hangout and nothing hurt, best times, I miss it so much  (Unfortunately hangout slows down my toshop a lot ; - ; )
But I will join for sure next time :  D !!
(I miss Fanou too, we’re too busy to even see each other : ’ ( )

aaa good job on starting an art career!! ‘v’

Aaah Thank you ; v ; !! (I will do my best !!)

It’s been a while now…and I unfortunately didn’t have the time to…say a big thank you properly,

But you are now 1000 to follow the dork thing I am
(10020 exactly)

Here’s a dorky lil’ knight that shows my feeling ;// v //; 

And so some blabbling about dorkie life with dorkie writing cause how to write things (???!!) :

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One illustration for a little event organized by the students of my section during our open door days, because it’s always a pleasure for me to illustrate tales and unknown folk stories, especially those kinds…of tales….  : ))


I did Stephen in style exercise meme from dA (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

; //v// ; I’m honoured -!!!! t-thanks !!